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Reduce queue times, deal with rushes.

GoMenu Kiosk

What is GoMenu Kiosk?

GoMenu Kiosk is a self-service kiosk system that gives customers access to your menu, allowing customers to place and pay their orders at the GoMenu Kiosk, rather at the front counter. Orders will then be sent out to the GoMenuPOS system and dockets can be printed to the specified kitchen printers. Speed up order processes, improve customer ordering experience, reduce customer wait times, and reduce operating costs.


GoMenu Kiosk enable customers to place their orders and make payments without having to interact with other people and keeping staff and their customers more safe. 


Visual Menu

A user-friendly interface with a visual menu for your customers, the margin of error is greatly reduced. Customer place orders rapidly and accurately, leading to less frustration for customers, less pressure for your staff.

Fast processes

A key benefit of self-service kiosks is that they have the ability to speed up processes, increase throughput, and ultimately reduce delays and queues.

Reduce cost

Increased automation means lower operational costs and reduced overheads. Additionally, as staff are reallocated to more complex jobs and workloads are restructured, businesses are more efficient, effective and in turn, more profit.

Set up in minutes

Setting up your GoMenu Kiosk is quick and easy. Simply download the GoMenu Kiosk App on your Android device, log in using your GoMenuPOS account, and all your menus will be synchronized to the Kiosk automatically.

A wide variety of hardware

GoMenu Kiosk is compatible on most Android devices and tablets, making the hardware costs much lower than you expect. Large Kiosk terminal options are also available and compatible with your existing network thermal printers.

Easy mantainance

Whether or not you want to modify the kiosk menu, change the Kiosk interface, adjust payment options, or even mark an item out of stock, all that is needed are just a few taps on your GoMenuPOS app.​

Payment integration

GoMenu Kiosk integrates with leading EFTPOS providers, allowing customers to pay the Kiosk terminals when ordering their items. No need to queue at the counter at all. "Pay at counter" also available if you would like to give your customers the option to come up to the counter to pay.

No long-term contract, easy and fast set up

GoMenu Kiosk add-on is FREE for All GoMenuPOS subscribers*


Kiosk offers attractive kiosk screensavers customised from your choice of brand image posters or promotional posters, creating an eye-catching feeling for customers.

Customizable screensaver

GoMenu Kiosk allows customers to select dine-in or takeaway option and also allows you to only offer one of the two options.

Order type

GoMenu Kiosk is fully integrated with leading EFTPOS providers, orders and payment details are sent out to EFTPOS terminals seamlessly, while also allowing your customers the option to pay at the counter with either cash or card.

Payment options

Allowing the usage of customer names instead of order numbers allow for a friendlier customer service experience for your customers.

Customer Name

Simply enter the pager system number to your GoMenu Kiosk when entering the table number. Once your item is ready, inform your customer via the pager system.

Pager system compatibility

GoMenu Kiosk monitors any changes from the GoMenuPOS and the GoMenu admin site, allowing it to modify itself with no delay after the changes have occurred.

Real time synchronisation

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