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Delicious while distance, dining in or delivery, keep doing what you do best regardless where.

GoMenu App


GoMenu proves a multilingual digital menu with easy access to vivid images, allowing your customers to choose their meals fast and easy.

Digital Menu

GoMenu provides a navigational map interface, making it easier for users to locate partnered stores.


Users can scan QR codes inside restaurants and simply order from the GoMenu app.

Mobile Ordering

No need for physical cash to be brought into the store, all customers have the option to pay online after they have ordered. GoMenu accepts all major payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, WeChat and Alipay.

Multiple Payment Methods

GoMenu pushes awesome and unique discounts for all our regular app users across New Zealand.

Unique Discounts

GoMenu currently supports all mobile systems - Android, iOS and Windows.

Multiple Mobile Systems Supported

Garner exposure and growth by becoming a GoMenu partner, extending your brand awareness to neighbourhoods and places you normally wouldn't be exposed to.

Connect with and gain better insights on customers as you gather actionable data by offering loyalty programs or responding to reviews.

Optimise your staff by allowing them to also make deliveries, filling in those slow hours.

So simple and easy to use, just dowanload the app, no need to take care of a tablet.

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