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The All-in-one solution for business owners


Download GoMenuPOS for free from your iPad


GoMenuPOS is compatible on iPad, easy to use and allows you to set up all kinds of business and eliminate all messy wire connections. Easily add or remove iPad tills, and start selling anywhere.

Sell from your iPad

Keeps your business operating even if your internet connection is suddenly cut off and automatically resyncs orders once back online.

Works offline

GoMenuPOS connects with the most popular point of sale hardware and equipment, giving you the option to use existing hardware and equipment.


We all know how important data is. GoMenuPOS has a built-in function to state daily, weekly monthly data such as sales, and best selling items and etc. Allowing you to take your step move with much more confidence. 

Live Report

Add items to the main menu page for a faster checkout. Switch out your menu with either a limited time period or manually switch. Make a single change from one iPad and apply it to all devices. Create an additional menu for online orders or self-serve kiosks with just one click.

Menu management

GoMenuPOS gives you the option to allow customers to split payments between multiple people or to just pay for their items. No matter how complicated the bills gets, GoMenuPOS can easily handle it.

Split payment

Provide receipts to your customers in the way they prefer, email or physical. Customise your receipts with your choice of logos.

Customisable receipts

Refund items on past orders, selected items, or even a specified amount.


Reduce human error by using our GoMenuPOS transaction management system.

Transactional management

Quick add items to order by typing in keywords, scanning barcodes with iPad built-in camera, or by using a bluetooth barcode scanner.

Quick search

Manage multiple stores under one account, track all your sales and customers in one place using GoMenuPOS.

Multiple stores

GoMenuPOS allows you to track order statuses, and recognise current order statuses whether they're on hold, pending, or awaiting payment.

Order management

Assign orders to tables or tabs and process their payments together. The GoMenuPOS tab/table timer allows you to see how long a tab or table has been open for indicated using green, yellow, or red labels.

Tab/Table management

GoMenuPOS provides an online ordering platform mobile app and an online ordering website of your own, allowing you to receive both online orders and table orders by scanning the table QR code. - No extra cost required.

Taking online orders

GoMenuPOS is integrated with self-serve kiosk, reducing queues, rushes and creating a visual impact.

Integrated with kiosk​

Integrated with leading EFTPOS providers


  • Easily find your items at the customizable menu and bring your most popular items up  to the main menu.

  • Quickly add items to the order by typing in the item's keywords, or by simply scan the barcode with an iPad build-in camera or using a bluetooth barcode scanner.

  • Add notes to items or an order docket, appearing on your customer receipts and order dockets.

  • Order numbers can either be specific numbers, a consecutive number generated by the system, or it can be the name of your customer.

  • Except for dine-in and takeaway order options, GoMenuPOS allows you to customise your order type.


  • Let your customers decide on how to pay, regardless of split payments, full amounts or separate items.

  • ​Integreted EFTPOS terminal for sales and refunds to eliminate key errors and say goodbye to double keying of payments.

  • Prints bills quickly to your customer before they can checkout and before the kitchen can prepare, giving customers the time to confirm details.


  • Access your multiple stores and their reports from any mobile device or computer.

  • Track stock levels and always have your best selling products available.

  • Make changes to your menu from anywhere and apply them to a single store or all of your stores.

  • Build strong connections with customers and establish and maintain their loyalty with GoMenu’s customer management.

No long-term contract, easy and fast set up

Let's get started for FREE

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